Shopping Local

What are the differences between shopping at a local business compared to a big box store?

The differences are clear, shopping at a local business you not only are helping that business stand strong but you are giving a familiar face a chance at making their living. Shopping local gives you a comfort at mind because you know who exactly is behind the product you desire to purchase or services and it may even be way affordable than buying it from a big box store. At a local business, you are always treated like part of their family because they make their products as if they were for themselves so you may rest assure that not only was that product handcrafted to meet all your standards but you also will not find anything like it in a regular store. Walking into a local business is like walking into your beloved grandmother’s house filled with all your life long friends, there is just so much care in their atmosphere and it makes you want to come back, unlike the greetings you perhaps will receive at a big box store they fall very short. Local businesses have been around longer than a lot of us, for generations, our families have tried very hard to keep their business running and to always show and give love to every customer because after being a customer they become family forever. Big box store companies have destroyed many local areas and their businesses because of their desire to have more money than the people around them. These big companies have ruined many families but still today local businesses are still fighting to keep their light shining. When you have an option, whether to shop at a big box business or a local business you should always pick the local business because not only are you helping this business out but you not feeding into the multi-millionaires that do care about your name or your face and  will jack prices up if their money is not coming in as they desire. The local business economy is important for everyone because they are everywhere in your surroundings and if you help their business they can help you and continue to gain more customers. Every local business strives to give back to their community because they are part of the community and appreciate what they have had so far. Please continue to shop locally and support the place you grew up in.