Don’t be a victim of computer scam – “Microsoft tech support” offering to fix your PC.

In the last two months, we have customers with the same problem and one of them lost $499.00 with this computer SCAM.

He was online reading some news and making some payments and all a sudden a window popped up with the statement that his computer was attacked with some dangerous viruses and needed to call a “Microsoft technicians to fix the problem” and guess what? yes.. he did it, they asked him to download software to repair the computer and they will not charge for the service, when the “Microsoft technician” was in the computer showed to my customer all the viruses (fake viruses) in the computer and told him that his personal information was at risk if he does not let them fix the computer,  but because they were some many viruses he needed his credit card info in order to fix it. They never fix the computer and they just despair, my customer called them back but it was too late, nobody answers the phone.

If you provide the info they will charge any amount they want, when that happens there is nothing you can do because they are overseas.

How to avoid been Scammed?

  1. Buy a good Anti-virus software, do not use free versions.
  2. Navigate only to secure websites.
  3. Read before you enter to a new website.
  4.  Do not call any number for tech support use your local computer shop instead. (support local business)
  5. Be careful when you use the word “FREE” like free games, free software, free movies, etc.

PLEASE do not call these people and shut down your computer immediately.

If you have any questions about this, call us at (704)530-7868 and we help you.

It is hard to earn your money to let this kind of people to steal it.